“Dear Lenore & Wayne – now that i have a had a few days to sit back and reflect on my TranCape experience it is difficult to put in words what an AWESOME event you two have created. I was so privileged to be a participant. This is the first time post doing a 7 day plus event that i am experiencing withdrawal symptoms! I generally don’t repeat an event as there are so many I still want to do, BUT this will become an annual pilgrimage for me now. TransCaper for life…………thanks so much”

“I would like to add my compliments and congratulations to the voices of all the others that have already thanked you for last week’s race. Your whole team – and the dads and mums that joined in to help – put together an extremely memorable and superbly organised event. The South African mtb calendar fills up by the day, but to succeed in producing a memory maker of an event you have to fill it with special ingredients; the TransCape did that, and then still gave us more. Thank you all so much for a special week.”

“In regards the race and its organisation it was an extremely successful and class event that truly showcased the Cape in all respects from amazing scenery to warm local town hospitality. It was a niche group of riders, mostly businessmen and woman who all had nothing but high praise for a passionate bunch of organisers who delivered and exceeded on all promises. Every day was an amazing tour through our beautiful country from one little town after the other with 5 star treatment in the evenings.

Well done team – that was really something special.

Be sure to price correctly for next year as you will be 100% oversubscribed”

“As I struggle to get back to the reality of the normal daily routine my mind is wondering back to last week. What an experience, so much more remarkable is the fact that it was the first one. From a rider perspective it seemed like a long established event. All I can say is WOW!”

It all started with the exceptional pre-race service and help, whenever there was an issue it was sorted swiftly. Then of course the race itself. We laughed, we got grumpy, we had to dig deep, we were exhausted, but the fun factor was always there. That is a sure sign of a friendly bunch of people organising an amazing event.

Some choice words came out on the route from time to time! Times like that last little climb into Swellendam (Yes Wayne, those were for you J), but all was forgiven at the finish when a cold beer was on offer.

Thank you for the memories, the new friends and just and incredible time. I will be back!”