The TransCape mountain-bike tour, which takes place from 4-10 February 2018, will stop over at some of the most beautiful spots in South Africa’s Garden Route and Western Cape.

The Tour, which takes place over seven stages, 630km and 10200m of vertical ascent, has created such a wonderful blue print during its three years of presentation and there is now a real sense of expectancy in all the towns in the second week of February as the TransCape roadshow passes through them!

Our partner for the first stage dinner and registration on 3 February is the Knysna Waterfront shopping centre – the most frequented spot in Knysna for tourists. Stage 1 the following day also starts on the cobbled entrance walkway inside the Waterfront where riders embark on their 7-day journey with much fanfare and a total of 12 Volvo XC90s as well as an entire entourage of Metro Police in attendance!

Stage 1 finishes at the quaint Fairy Knowe Hotel in Wilderness where the luxury tented package race village is set up while the premier accommodation package sleeps over in the Wilderness Hotel.

Fairy Knowe is beautifully located on the banks of the Touws River which forms part of the Wilderness National Park – it really is a special setting.

The Wilderness Hotel is one of the Garden Route’s oldest and best-loved hotels. It’s steeped in a grand tradition with old-style charm but features all the required modern facilities.

The first night will see the Premier entrant riders eat at the Wilderness Hotel, while the tented package entrants will eat at the Fairy Knowe Hotel. It’s only a short 2km drive from Fairy Knowe to Wilderness Hotel, and the luxury tented guys will get their first shuttling experience in the luxurious Volvo XC90s.

The second stage starts at Fairy Knowe in Wilderness and finishes at the ATKV resort in Hartenbos. The tented package sleeps at ATKV while the premier package is housed in the Diaz Hotel and Resort. The dinner function for the premier guys will be at Diaz Hotel while the Riviera Hotel will do dinner for the tented guys.

The Diaz Hotel is situated on the pristine seashore of Mossel Bay’s renowned Diaz Beach, only 10 metres from the high-water mark and offers spectacular ocean views from every window and balcony.

The third stage starts at ATKV Hartenbos and runs to Hoerskool Langenhoven in Riversdale. The school has made all their facilities available to TransCape and the race village will be set up on the rugby field with luxury tents adjacent. The whole tour attends the gala dinner together in the race village on the rugby field and premier package riders are shuttled to guest houses in and around Riversdale.

The fourth stage finishes at the Swellendam Caravan Park and Chalets in the centre of town with the evening function at Field and Fork. Again, the entire tour gets to experience a special dinner function on this stage.

The Premier package entrants will be eating at Field and Fork and the Tented Package entrants will dine at Swellendam Campsite.

The luxury tents are pitched at the campsite while premier accommodation package guys will be shuttled to their guest houses in and around Swellendam.

Oewerzicht Accommodation and Wedding Venue plays host to the race in old-world Overberg town of Greyton, where the fifth stage finishes. Kootjie and Isa Viljoen, Catherien and the twins Danielle and Phillip live on Oewerzicht, which is beautifully located just outside Greyton.

Oewerzicht is a fully operational farm, harvesting apples and pears. The rest of the farm consists of rolling wheat lands, large flocks of sheep and if you are lucky, you’ll also see a herd of Reebok roaming freely on the farm.

Luxury tents will be erected at Oewericht while premier package riders will be shuttled into Greyton and accommodated in guest houses in town. The evening function on this day will be split with premier package dinner function at Searles in town while Oewerzicht will cater for the tented riders.

From Greyton it’s a real highlight to finish at the historic Houw Hoek Inn in for the sixth stage. The Houw Hoek Inn, which is the oldest licensed hotel in the country, plays host the entire tour with luxury tents erected on the river bank while the premier package is accommodated in the hotel.

The Houw Hoek Inn is situated in the heart of mother nature in the Kogelberg Nature Reserve. It’s nestled in an exquisite location surrounded by majestic mountains and meandering streams.

The evening function sees everyone hosted at the hotel. This is the final dinner of the tour and always presents a delightful atmosphere as riders reminisce about their journey from Knysna to Franschhoek.

The evening functions at TransCape are an absolute delight. The tour has a dedicated hospitality crew, managed under the expert eye of celebrity chef Nic van Wyk and hospitality manager Irmarie Venter.

No expense is saved on décor, great food and video productions – it feels like you’re hosted at glamour function every night in posh surroundings! And, courtesy of CBC and La Couronne, beer and wine is bottomless for the entire tour.

The event finishes at its traditional last stage “home away from home” at La Couronne wine Estate in Franschhoek, but this year the racing won’t finish at the top of Franschhoek Pass. Riders will race all the way into Franschhoek on some new trails sections into La Couronne.

Once you have taken part in TransCape you quickly come to understand why riders in the event form a special brother (and sister-) hood that lasts long after the event. While the riding is cool – and from listening to route designer, Johan Kriegler, it’s going to become very special indeed – the evening functions and off the bike treatment is what fuels this camaraderie.

Celebrity chef Nic van Wyk knows how to put on a spread every evening and it’s accompanied by wonderful video productions and entertainment.

If you haven’t seen the official event trailer for 2018, please click on the link below to have a look. TransCape is as much mountain-biking journey as it is a metaphor of life. The message that we want to bring across is that our time here on earth is short and precious. And it’s what we do with our time that ultimately defines us.

TransCape has touched the lives of every single rider who has taken part. It’s truly an incredible event which takes place over some delightfully varied mountain-biking terrain coupled with quintessential local gourmet culinary experiences and wonderful venues – all adding up to a special bond which is created between riders. This camaraderie is illustrated by the rider comments on the event website and facebook page

If you haven’t seen the event’s official trailer – “It’s Time”, click here