We are privileged to provide you with hands-on sports massage services on behalf of event co-ordinators. Our professional services include recovery massage therapy, myofascial release, ice baths, strapping, taping and stretching. We administer massage therapy that is equipped with up to date and proficient treatment techniques with the inclusion of massage therapy-based products. The aforementioned being executed by highly skilled and qualified therapists. Our multi-disciplinary team of Biokineticists and Physiotherapists can assist your injury management throughout the event.

As stated earlier, we also provide a variety of massage therapy products that enables the clients to do self-administered treatments. This is seen as an additional service geared towards ensuring overall health of the body.

EPT is working in conjunction with COMPEX SA to provide the athlete with another tool as an adjunct to massage recovery. COMPEX is an electrical muscle stimulation device developed over the past 30 years and houses up to date patented technology. Muscle Intelligence (MI) being one of its famed features, scans muscle to determine its current state of excitability. Thus creating parameters within the program to ensure that the muscle while being effectively stimulated, is done so safely. Compex recovery programs are based on scientific evidence and results in 300% increased improvement of blood flow and 25% decrease in lactic acid accumulation.

Pre Event

  • Massage (muscle activation) and Stretching (Dynamic, Static and PNF)
  • Strapping (EAB & Taping (K-Tape)

Post Event

  • Recovery sports massage and Stretching (Dynamic, static and PNF)
  • Strapping (EAB) & Taping (K-Tape)
  • Foam Rolling station (foam rollers and myofascial balls provided)
  • COMPEX (EMS device)
  • Ice baths – Depending on water restrictions within the area and surrounding regions.

Francois Retief: (082) 456 0221                            Russell Looms: (082) 829 6074
Email: info@eptrecovery.com