AF Bursary Programme: Community Leaders Education Fund

Providing bursaries for students from rural areas to access tertiary level education.

What if you wake up tomorrow and there’s no baker to provide bread, no engineer to build bridges, no doctor for the sick, no teacher to educate our children?

The objective of the TransCape, in partnership with the Africa Foundation, is to open the doors to tertiary education for the less fortunate.

Through the Community Leaders Education Fund (CLEF), which provides bursaries for students from rural areas, we want access to tertiary education to become a reality for 100 students by 2018.A contribution of R43,500 per individual will make this happen.

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You can support this project by making a donation either through the online donation service or by way of EFT.

Please use the code TCCLEF followed by your surname, and send proof of payment to to let the team know about your generosity towards this cause!

EFT Details:

Account Name: Africa Foundation
Bank: Nedbank
Branch Code: 146905
Account No.: 1469 047 268

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